Tuesday, July 5, 2011

First Day Under My Belt

An interesting point was sparked today during my group's Murray Card discussion. Who determines what an expert is? How are they are an expert? Does experience vs. knowledge weigh more in being an expert? I also came across this though in my inquiry work. How can I as a teacher encourage my students to be socially active and care about issues if I'm not socially active? This made me think about what is important to me? How do I want my students to see me? My son to see me?

Who knows...my social action inquiry may lead to actual social activism.


  1. Woot, Melissa! Since I have been challenging Luke's emerging gun play (by entering his play as human rights activist and pretending that gun has turned into camera or microphone or something:), I have decided that this year he and I will officially begin public protesting. Seems sort of hypocritical otherwise, right?

    And I am completely interested in your "expert" thinking, too. I think this is going to really intersect with my own inquiry.

  2. Melissa, I think your questioning who is an "expert" goes right along with the challenging and pro-active stance on issues. I like what you are saying about becoming an active participant as you work with helping your students become active in issues. As you can tell from my white hair, I have spent many years questioning who has authority (expertness) in many places. I don't plan to stop asking those questions and nudging my students in that direction. Power to you.